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Step 4) Trigger Wire Installation
(Accessories wire method)

Note: The Accessories wire method is one of many ways to wire the Angel Eyes. This method will allow you to have the Angel Eyes on all the time whenever the car is running. This is independent of whether your headlights/parking lights are on or off. When you turn off your car, the Angel Eyes will stay on for a few seconds since there is still power through the accessories wire. This will not cause any power drain issues as the Angel Eyes do not draw a lot of power.

4a) Open the cover to the ECU box using a Torx 25 bit to remove four Torx head screws. (Note: Some earlier cars might be HEX 27). Once the screws are removed, tilt the cover up and pull out.

4b) Locate the red wire with white stripe and yellow/gold tracers. Install your blue wire tap using your pliers. DO NOT cut any wires or yank on any wires.

4c) Route the red trigger wire into the ECU box and connect the end to the blue wire tap. I chose to lift one of the rubber grommets and lay the red trigger wire under. You can fish it through the grommet if you like for a more professional look.

4d) Test the Angel Eyes by turning your ignition to position 2. If your Angel Eyes light up then you are good to go and you can begin cleaning up the loose ends.

4e) Reinstall the ECU box cover at this point if your Angel Eyes are working ok.

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