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Step 3) Wire Harness Installation

3a) Lay the wire harness on top of the engine bay. The relay should be near the passenger side positive (+) battery terminal. See image below for the correct positive terminal. The shorter end of the harness coming from the relay should follow the passenger fender to the passenger headlight. The longer end should go across the engine to the driver's side fender towards the driver's side headlight.

3b) Ground the relay. Use a 10mm socket to remove the 10mm nut located in the passenger power terminal area. Mount your relay and ground here. The ground wire is the short black wire coming out of the relay with a ring terminal at the end of it. See picture below. Optionally, you can utilize the factory 19mm ground terminal as pictured in the previous step (step 3a).

3c) Route the short harness to the passenger side headlight. If you lift the weather stripping from the passenger side power terminal area, you can slide the harness under the factory harness bundle then route it down the passenger fender to the passenger headlight.

3d) Connect the black rectangular igniter ballast box to the harness (pictured below) and also to the passenger side Angel Eyes (not pictured). Do not mount (tape) the igniter box just yet.

3e) Route the long harness across the top of the engine and secure it over the OEM wire holder. See pictures below.

3f) Route the long harness through to the brake fluid / ECU box area then down the drivers side fender. I chose to go through the OEM weather stripping as pictured below. Leave the trigger wire in the ECU box area for now and run the harness down the drivers fender (being as neat as possible).

3g) Connect the black rectangular igniter box to the harness and drivers side Angel Eyes. Do not mount the igniter box just yet.

3h) Connect the red wire from the relay to the positive (+) terminal found in the power terminal area.
(NOTE: If you have the OEM Navigation, make sure it is completely turned off and not on before beginning. There is a chance that your navigation can become damaged if you pull the power when it is powered on.)
First you must locate the OEM hood switch and unplug the connector. Next lift the weather stripping out of the way then lift the cover up by grabbing under where the positive terminal is. See first picture below. Use a 13mm socket to remove the 13mm nut from the positive terminal. Locate the red wire (with an inline fuse) coming out of the relay and mount it on the positive terminal. I chose to install the red wire underneath the OEM battery cable. Do the reverse to put it all back together then zip tie any lose cables. TIP: If you zip tie the inline fuse holder to the relay as pictured below (3rd pic on the right) you'll have easy access to the fuse).

3i) You are now ready to test your Angel Eyes. Coming off the relay should be a second trigger wire that is brown. Have someone touch the brown wire to the positive terminal or use a clamp then examine if your Angel Eyes work. If all is good, remove the brown wire from the positive terminal.

3j) Assuming everything is in working order after testing it above, you can choose to mount the rectangular igniters now or wait till you are done with your install. I secured mine directly on top of the headlight tucked under the radiator support where you can not see it. See image below.


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