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Step 2) Mounting The Angel Eyes Rings

2a) Mount the Angel Eye Ring to the DRL (flasher) reflector. At the top of the reflector is a lip. Simply slide the alligator clip at the top of the Angel Eyes onto the top of the reflector lip. See image below for proper spacing of the clips. You do not push both clips all the way in, only the inner clip (closest to grill) is pushed all the way while the other clip (closest to the Bi-Xenon projector) has some spacing. The easiest way to do this is to slide both clips in all the way then pull the clip closest to the projector out till the inner lip of the clip stops it from coming out any further. Now look over the Angel Eye ring to make sure it's even all the way around and lined up.

2b) Mount the Angel Eye Ring to the Bi-Xenon projector. This one can be tricky. You have to make sure you do not push the clip all the way in otherwise it will touch the top of your projector housing. Simply push it till it gets within 1-2mm from the top of the projector housing. Don't worry as it will not fall off.

2c) (Optional) Remove the intake duct from the air box on the drivers side so you have additional room to work.

2d) Remove the H7 bulb from (flasher) socket and peel the rubber boot back. Surrounding the H7 bulb socket is a rubber boot. Peel back on the boot from the top to allow you to pass the Angel Eye wires through.

2e) Feed the Angel Eye wires from the front (above the reflector) to the back through the rubber boot. First tape each pair of wires together so that when you pull them through you will know which pair is which. Second, to aid in the process, a sturdy wire will help you pull the wires through. Feed the sturdy wire through from the front to the back and through the boot opening. Wrap the wire around the Angel Eye wires and tape it down with electrical tape. Now pull it through from the boot side. See pictures below.

2f) (Optional, not recommended, skip to step 2h) Make a small incision on the rubber boot with a small pocket knife. This will allow you to pass the wires through the boot and also allow you to reinstall the boot around the socket opening. Otherwise, you can always close the boot around the wires.

2g) (Optional, only if step 2f is performed) Feed the Angel Eye wires through the boot. Using needle nose pliers, grab one of the Angel Eye wires by the terminal and stick it through the boot opening that you made in the previous step. Then on the other side of the boot, use your needle nose pliers again to pull the wire through. Do this for the other 3 wires till all four wires are through. You can now reposition the boot and reinstall it. You can also reinstall the H7 bulb now.

2h) Install Angel Eye wire connectors. The polarity does not matter as long as you have the correct pair of wires. The wire terminal goes to the two outer holes on the supplied connector. Do not install the terminal in the middle hole. Inserted the terminal through the connector and use needle nose pliers to tug on the terminal end to insure it locks in place. Give the other end a light tug to make sure the wire does not come out of the connector.


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