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Exclamation Showed a prelude a thing or two

So, am in the left lane and at this particular intersections some people will try to get in the right lane and hit the gas once the light turns and pass everyone before the right lane ends. Am at the light, minding my own business and see a black prelude pull behind me and changes lane to "pass" me, mind you am at a completed stop, while he's still rolling on down the light turns green, (his front bumper was probably at my rear bumper at that point, but a lane over). So, at that point, am like "screw this, he aint getting in front of me, lol". Of course, I hear him flooring it, I slap it in first and go for it (didn't feel like doing a small launch), now since he was rolling he was ahead at first, but not enough to pass me, I hit it hard and was pulling on him fast, then second and by the time I hit 60 am already passed him and then some, then switch to third and slap on the hazards once or twice.

But to my surprise he didn't flip me off or anything he flashed his highs once and gave me a thumbs up ^_^

anyways, had to share that with ya


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Umnitza now provides a mechanic to install all parts ordered right in the box! It's their new "Total customer service program" that will eliminate all the haters and keep incompetents from breaking **** and blaming the vendor! When you are all set simply call INS and they will pick him up free of charge.
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