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Well finally that my new Stage 1 Clutch is broken in, I was able to beat on it last night at the street races.
When I was running completely stock, I every time got smoked by my buddy's 03 NISSAN SENTRA SE-R Spec-V. We always started about the same, and although I would be a bit ahead in second, he would pull away from me by about 2 car lengths by the end of what we think is a quarter mile.

Last night, we went for it, and the way I launched my car was incredible. Basically i was holding the RPM's near redline, and started easing off that clutch, and HOLLY SHIT that car went. I had quite a bit of wheel spin, but it seemed like the wheels were acting as a bit of a clutch. I took off like theres not tomorrow, having 1.5 car lengths on him by the time I was in second, 2.5 car lengths by the time I was in third, and beat him by about 3. I couldn't believe it. After cooking down we ran again. Same result. He is usually pretty stuck up about his car, but he actually commented on the job I did on my clutch, and said that theres no way hes gonna touch me until he does something really major to his car.

Oh and I also beat a 91 535i. w/ whole bunch of stuff done to computer, typical intake/exhaust, new clutch/flywheel by about 4-5 car lengths. he was supposed to run me again, but then word came that cops were on their way and we peaced out.

Overall, i think that that the stiff I did to my car under the hood is all it needs for now, and in the spring will be doing reduction of rust underneath, getting new fenders and hood, and if I'm lucky a metallic paint job.
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