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Originally Posted by Dan
96-98 intake runners would do. don't have to be 97's or Dinan's where they take the OE part and bore it out or take the 96-98 runners and stamp their name to give it the extra 2000% markup.

True that.

As for the stance, I would love to see pics of yours. The most impressive 540s that I have seen on the net had some type of coilovers.

Thanks for the corrections, I appreciate the help and welcome to the board. You have contributed a ton to this section. I haven't said much because there aren't many E39s on our board yet .

What year 540 do you have? I just picked up a used pre-vanos intake manifold. I am planning to install it his summer, along with a new valley pan, valve cover gaskets and every fucking rubber piece that I remove when I finally do it.


540i with some mods
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