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I <3 Autozone

Believe it or not, Autozone's Online is great to get part #'s for what you need and the price is pretty good too.

ie as previously stated:
i needed pre-cat O2's:
Oxygen Sensor $0.00 $61.99 2 $123.98
Brand: Bosch
Part Number: 13559
Application: Sensor located before catalytic converter

and free Fed-Ex ground shipping..

after taxes: $132.66

if you're going with a STOCK flywheel:
Luk / Flywheel
Manual Transmission
Warranty - 1 YR
^^ special order

So if you're looking for some OEM parts, shop around, of course, but do check with Autozone. they are everywhere and they can even special deliever the part to your local Autozone for pick up! they may not have the best prices sometimes but it doesn't hurt to check.
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