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Originally Posted by scooter
but if we dont know how do we hold them accountable?

IMHO people should hold them accountable based on the stuff that they do know about such as social services, etc. dont worry so much about national security, etc., leave that to the people who know and understand the intricacies of it. that is *supposedly* why we elect people to government positions, we are supposed to trust them to carry out these tasks (thats not to say that mistakes have not been made, because that is quite clear, although part of human nature, to an extent)

i said earlier that secrecy is part of any large organization, and the government is such. to understand why secrecy is necessary, lets take two made up companies. we will call them orange and microshit.

now say imaginary company orange designed this excellent new software product that will change the way you work with a paint can. now lets say that they keep that secret. then 20 years from now, hopefully they will have a large chunk of the paint can market because they were the innovators of said technology.

now imagine that they let it out publicly (or trusted someone to work with it ) then their is potential there that someone may copy their paint can technology because it wasnt secret. say microshit does this and gets their next rate paint can technology out first. where does this leave orange?

now orange may have gotten this paint technology from somewhere else, but thats not the point. for the purposes of this thread i doubt that bin laden is dead and the government is hiding it. however, i believe that they do have a *general* idea of where he is, and is hiding that information. because if they let us know that, then bin laden will know it and will displace. shoot, he will probably know about it before the average american knows it.
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