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Very good question. To be completely honest, we're working on a minor site redesign to liven up the look of the sight abit (read: nothing major, just cosmetic) One of the glitches is the mods names are bold as we tinker. By the time the revamp is applied to the whole site, both mods and members will be bold like the mods names are now.

This was the very first issue I brought up with scooter when I was named mod, and he assured me that in very short order, all names will be made uniform (whether that be everyone's name being bold or everyones name being normal).

One of the things we're working on is trying to integrate the new mods into the core member base, which is taking some getting used to because some of them come from sites that require them to be more outspoken. The way I put it to them was that around here, 99.9% of the time, mods are just people. and when that .1% comes around, business gets taken care of, and things go back to normal very quickly.

.... psssttttt.... its scooter that hides from us (in all sreiousness though, EVERYBODY has an option to log in invisibly. there's an option in your user CP)

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