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lets see, shes trash because when she left the white house with bill. they caught her stealing furniture. she constintly flip flops ( like all politicians in her defense) among many more. oh everyone see when she gave a speach down south and all the sudden had a souther accent? thats true charecter.

shes socialist because of many of her political opinions. and my opinion socialist are trash inheriently
You know your a drunkard if you...
Think box wine is great; eagerly awaiting box whiskey.

Originally Posted by RSF5
Well yeah, the BATFE is like the Anti Hoppy.
Well hey, hey Mr. Policeman
Bet I can drive faster than you can
Come on Hoss, let's have some fun
Go on shoot me with your radar gun
You look bored and I sure am
Catch me if you can.
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