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Okay guys

Okay guys, look. We can all be reasonable people here. so we can admit, comments were made that shouldn't have been made by multiple people. Sucks, but you can't take it back once it leaves your mouth.

So the reasonable solution to this fighting is that I have been brought in with Rooz'z and Scooters blessing, to moderate this forum. Why me? well, because I don't support the political forum, and I've promised to keep out of the conversations as much as possible, so things should be better moderated than if one of the new mods who is pro-politcal forum was moderating it.

The mods all understand that there are changes going on here and a lot of people don't like them, I was the same way until I got a little sneak peak into the grand scheme of things, and believe it or not, Rooz, and Witeshark, and mullett and myself as well as other non moderators (who won't be named) all have direct input into the changes that are forecasted. We like the feel here, and we're by no means looking to change UB for the worst. We're still striving for that close-knit community feel, just on a larger scale. Superforums sized scale? No. But we're looking to grow.

The only thing that we can ask of each other is that everyone just be reasonable and level-headed here during the transition. If you feel that something's being done that will absolutely devastate the community, PM us privately, and we'll talk reasonably about it.

I understand that the established members and the new mods have rubbed each other the wrong way in teh last couple days, and we're working on it. The new moderators.... all the new moderators, per suggestion, have agreed to step back and observe for the next week or so to get a feel for how we like our forums, and then they'll slowly re-insert themselves into the forums once they get their feet wet.

This thread is being closed, because its petty. The short of it is that its an optional forum, and if you don't want to take part, then don't take part. If you do choose to take part, or even just come in to read, you'll be held accountable for the four simple rules this sub-forum has, whether you've read them or not..... So I suggest you go read them,

Anyways, I'm off to bed, but if anyone has anything they need to talk about, send me a PM and i'll get back to you in the morning.

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