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Originally Posted by drz
It's nice to know that UB has turned into a place where one of our mods does not consider him/herself a leader.
the real leaders of the forum are you, the long standing members who have been here and posting from the start, mods are members just like you and are in no way shape or form meant to lead you anywhere, they are here to watch over and deal with problems if they arise.

it is up to you guys to lead the forum, if you dont like an area of the forum then avoide it trying to impose your will on others is not the right thing to do. i am passionate about cars and politics, i dont want to leave here to discuss certain aspects on other forums, i can share more then my love for cars with members.

i could care less for a stereo sub forum or a comedy one, but for the benefit of the group as a whole i will leave it open.
catch my drift?
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