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Originally Posted by drz
What kind of a question is this? Why the hell are you trying to wreak havoc?

First of all: as a leader -- albeit appointed, and not elected -- of this board, how come you don't man up and offer your opinion first?

Second: Why is "pubilcly" the key?

Third: My answer to your first question (I am assuming it was a question because of the way it was worded, even though there is no question mark at the end) is yes.

Fourth: My answer to your most recent question (about my morale being affected, etc., etc.) is no.

Please remove the Politics and War subforum.
As a moderator, I'm not a leader.

I just try to prevent forest fires, nothing more.

I "moderate" - offering advice on resolving a situation. I'm not a super mod, nor am I an admin thems your leaders right there

Publicly is the key because we have a tendency in all things to act differently in private than we do in public. this is an anonymous public forum however so it's a 3rd take on the discussion, would you serve with someone that was openly a/b/c on a public forum but you'd never know who they were if yous served with them?

Said another way, would you serve with someone that was a closet a/b/c, an anonymous publicly a/b/c, or a public open a/b/c ?

So you would serve? yes.

personally, I've never been in that position, although I've been around lots of a/b/c living where I do and it doesn't bother me one way or the other whether it's open/closed/or semi anonymous.

affecting morale is however open for debate don't you think? from people that ARE in the armed forces?
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