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I think the Lounge is sufficient for the rare few political threads that could hold up and not stir things up in a negative way.

I also think that being in this subforum would open the doors to allow these threads to go too far, whereas mods would be quicker to moderate them if they were in the main lounge.

Personally, I got really upset by bimmersunited's two threads: the one about homosexuals/transvestites/transsexuals in the army, and the one about whether a Jew or a Palestinian is better. As much as I still think we don't need a politics and war forum, I believe that even if we do have such subforum, neither of those threads fits as a political thread. They fit much less in a friendly international community.

Edit: And at least you could have spelled P-O-L-I-T-I-C-S correctly. Maybe we need a spelling and grammar sub-forum

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