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Originally Posted by drz
You have no opinion either way? Wow -- that's an intelligent statement.
since you "didn't serve and have no clue what it's like to serve." You want us to post whether we have something against homosexuals, transvestites, and or transsexuals. Why can't we hear what you have to say first?

Or better yet -- why don't we close this thread and get rid of you as a mod?
I agree drz, but to answer his question, I've served and have the scars to show for it. As long as they can do the job asked of them I don't care.
Maybe you ought to serve, you'ld have a whole different outlook and appreciation of life and of people of different cultures instead of starting these "bean counting statistical threads" Why don't you start a "War & Politics" blog like on Pluto - Go ahead ban me, at this point who cares.......
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