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this forum was created because i as many others are passionate about politics, this is a BMW forum and we are all aware of it and probably the number one reason we are all here but there is still a world around us and daily decision are affecting our lives everyday, i for one think these and many other issues are legitimate to discuss as long as its done intelligently and respectfully.

just the interest and debate this forum has sparked in a mere few hours tells me its a good idea and a great place to vent on what our elected officials are up to.

while you may not agree with the questions/debate keep it clean, keep it on topic and most off all DO NOT flame or bash, this is meant for us all to have a civilized exchange on a not so civilized subject in a not so civilized world.

just like cars we tend to be passionate about our politics and with good reason, all i ask is that you give it a try and most of all keep it clean, we can not all agree but we can agree to disagree.