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Get Rid Of This Subforum!

I enjoy debating war and politics at the personal level. However, we have tried very hard to keep our off-topic section free of such type of discussion for over two years.

UB.c is a slow forum. People don't come here because of the 'activity' or excitement of it. People keep coming because it is a safe, friendly environment -- one in which we are able to get long because we share an interest in BMWs and (for many) cars in general.

We have no control over the people who come in and post. This is an open forum. In real life, I always have to know something about the people with whom I am discussing these matters before I decide to venture into it.

I don't want a n00b coming in and saying insensitive, irresponsible crap that will scare away new members or even senior members.

UNITED BIMMER was created under the premise "For the members, by the members" or some cute horsecrap along those lines. If the new leadership had any idea of how to run a community -- not just how to use the software, but how to be an actual servant leader -- they would have at least made a poll to see if there was any interest in this subforum. I knew UB.c would turn into what they claimed it wasn't. But I hung around, hoping to be proven wrong. I wish that had happened.