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Originally Posted by CroCop>
I really think that if these above (a,b,c) people want to serve their country and stand ready for to make the ultimate sacrafice, then who are we to deny their constitutional right to do so?
I think that as long as they keep their shit to themselves and not walk around camp buttass naked with a dildo in their hands lol, then I guess they should be allowed to serve like any other straight guy/gal.

and about the moral thing, thats why we have the 'dont ask dont tell ' crap thing.
See. This is the type of post that comes from starting a thread like this.

Cro, I know you mean well. But the way we word things should be more tactfuly.

What about gay people makes you think that they are very likely to walk around the camp naked?

And the dildo part? It's like saying I don't want straight men in the army because we don't have room for all their blow-up dolls.



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