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Eliminating Posers, With a E30

A Stock Es at that!

Just thought I'd mention this one, as it was quite spectacular at the time, And well, Its one less poser. (And there isnt enough E30 stories in here... Sure its not as spectacular as taking on a Jag or Evo or something like that.. But hey, gotta represent!)

Me, in my 86 325es vs. Some schmo in a E36 318i (If I remember correctly, deffo an E36).

We (I had a passenger) were driving back from out of town, driving down the street, when, a poser (E.G. This guys' E36 had 18" Chrome Rims, Fart can, and tinted windows. (If there is one thing I hate besides ricers, Its people who ruin the BMW's lines like that... Just attrocious) He decides to play a little game with me.

I'm cruising around behind him, and he starts slowing down to around 40 in a 45, But, Im boxed in. Eventually, I get over to the other lane and speed up. As I get even with him, I slow as the van infront of me is turning. I speed back up to get by the poser (Who was now getting in my lane and slowing) So, I end up back in the other lane in a cross over. I'm not looking for a race, so, I'm doing the limit. He decides again to speed up and take my lane. It's on and he's gonna lose.

Toss it into 3rd, Hop in the other lane (We are now traffic free) and just pull up next to him, unassuming, (My passenger gave a bird unfortunantly... It was on from then on) they sped up, So Did I. I was expecting to get owned (Hell, its an E30. They aint FAST (Stock) and a E to make things worse), but, thanks to that extra torque from the E, I was able to pick up speed at a tremendous rate, and beat him to the next stoplight (which was green) then the next one turned yellow (I had around 2 cars on him, and was pulling) And I made it through. His light turned green as I caught the next red. So there we are, after that little race he looks for a pure stoplight drag.

So, the light goes green, I make probably the best launch I could've made (Without wheelspin... I dont wanna spin em up on the streets) and just Pull on him like no other as you can here the fart can get going (It didnt sound like an exhaust system... Just the tip... A cheesey chrome one at that) He speeds up, as I'm STILL pulling on him, and then he eventually just gives up (Around 3 cars). He catches up as I speed up, and he flips us the bird as he turns off the street (No love lost... I was thinking "What? Not like I wanted the race... I cant help it your slower than me.... Maybe you should respect da E30! )

I know it wasnt much, but it is always fun beating people that drive cars like that. I just cant help but wonder, are they really that slow? Or was the driver that slow? I went in thinking there was no way I was gonna beat him (Cmon, its 10 years newer!), but yet, I did quite easily. Since then I no longer say my car is SLOW, but it is underestimated. I was shocked at how fast it would go, It wasnt like a pure Horsepower fast, but more of a torque acceleration fast.

Respect da E30! (And The E models! )
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