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Originally Posted by chrisdoesntknow
New technology? Yes
Cutting edge? Yes

Will there be at least five alternatives with almost the same versatility at a fraction of the price in a few mere months? DEFINITELY
BMWs could be considered trendy. It's a status car. Case and point, my cousin is a doctor now. He's owned lots of cars all of which have been American... Ford Mustange, Dodge Charger, Chevy Tahoe... but now that he's a MD, he wants a Bimmer. So while there are plenty of alternatives to BMWs out there, we are all on a BMW forum so...

Trendy or not, it's frickin cool and I'm happy to own one.

And in reply to the part where you said there will be other alternatives... there is already one that I know of that's almost exactly like the iPhone (but granted just as expensive) and that's the LG Prada phone. (Sorry for the lame music in the video, not my video.)
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