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Talking G35 goes bye bye

Was heading home from blockbuster last night and I see some idiot in a G35 sedan riding my bumper and swerving form side to side.

So I get in the right lane and let him pass, at that point I was in 4th gear, then the guy toys with me a little, and I said, what the heck. At first I mess with him, I heard him floor it, so I did the same, I stayed in 4th and floored it, letting him get up to my bumper.

Then I said "adios" dropped it in 3rd and left him to eat some Bavarian dust.

Sad thing is, he had his wife in the car with him

I always though that G35's were good comp. power wise for the 330's, but I guess that one wasn't even though he stayed with me for a bit....


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Originally Posted by Gregg
Umnitza now provides a mechanic to install all parts ordered right in the box! It's their new "Total customer service program" that will eliminate all the haters and keep incompetents from breaking **** and blaming the vendor! When you are all set simply call INS and they will pick him up free of charge.
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