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as for that bullshit with the people goin slow and then tryin to fuck u over for passing them, that shit makes my blood boil. one time it escalated into me getting out at a traffic light and bangin on some shmucks window tellin him to get the fuck out and try and run shit haha the fucker kept closin the gap on a boulevard so i couldnt get past him and the other car, and for what fuckin reason? ya know? god damn, but anyway... this past winter i was at home (outside philly) and it was snowing. there was barely even slush on the roads and i needed to get gas bad, so i went. everything was cool until i came up over a rise in the road and i have no clue why but the snow had collected to a thin white covering there. i was doin about 40 and since i had just gone up a hill i was on the gas at least a bit. i was completely sideways at the snap of a finger. i tried to compensate but she just kept spinning (meanwhile i have cars behind me and coming the other way on this 45mph road) basically im out of options so its "holy shit brakes!" time. the car doesabout a 270 and my back wheels go up over the curb on the opposite side of the road from which i was driving and i look left and right and there is a tree on one side and a telephone pole on the other. holy shit. the outcome: bent wheel lips that were bent already and were temp fixed with a special tool (hammer) until i got other wheels and there was no other damage, not even a single scratch under the car. coulda been an awful mess, all because i "just couldnt wait" to get gase till tomorrow haha
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