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Well kind of. You have those regular clamps you know with all the little slots in them. Then there are those made for fuel injection or high pressure and are a solid band with a bolt running through them. Advance auto has them both.

On the o-rings make sure you coat them with vasoline before putting them in. when the seller fixed the hoses he always put the clamps down to far which blew out the ends.

I simply put the old hoses back on and ran the hose up to the stop on the metal line and put my clamps right at the edge. Sealed ! fixed! and with a big old smile.

Is this gas running down the line from up under the intake? That is how mine started. I replaced all the orings and the seller put it all back together.....all the other leaks and 2 sets of temporary tags was from the sellers clamp jobs.

Oh one more thing if you replaced the o-rings and it still leaks and you are comfortable that the orings were the right ones then remember to check the fuel injector clamps....The seller put one on backwards or some strange way and the injector fell right out of the fuel rail when lifted up...Not what you want to see.

Honestly though this entire gas thing started on mine by running down those same hoses and when I saw I had to take the intake off I freaked and hated this car....I wanted nothing to do with it..... Thanks to some guys in another board who settled me down and talked me into giving this car a chance I am a changed girl...I love my bimmer and I will buy more in me there are cars and then there are bimmers....which one would you drive?

again I am sorry to go on like this.....Just got home from work and found my moms new cars is sitting at work. Cars......
Let me know what you find....
Have a better day !
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