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[QUOTE=mullethunter3]I know this is very vague, but on the M42 engine, drivers side, there are two hoses really really close to one another. One comes from the fuel filter and another goes to/from another fuel line. The place where it is leaking at is right above where the rubber hoses meet near the engine block/under the intake manifold.

Hey girl,
Listen to me here. I went through the same crap when i bought mine. I was told by the seller it had a choke issue and once warm it was ok. so I believed him..(1st mistake) Well after 4 days of this and the strong smell of gas I decide to check it out...Gas was pouring out from under the intake driver side.....No choke on car too.

Seller was made to fix it...Not once not twice not even 3 times...A total of four times the seller fixed the leak...

I had to pull the intake and start over....Replaced orings from day one and those were not the leak as the seller kept saying.....It was the stupid fuel lines....Every place this guy put a clamp it leaked...First this one then that one etc...

I bought about 5 new box's of good fuel injection clamps and redid everything and not one leak since.....
If you are pulling the intake then why not replace all 9 orings? or is it 10? LOL

8 for the injectors and not sure how many on the fuel pressure regulator.
If your lines connect with the fuel rail via compression fitting there may be some there too. Mine connected by a 2 or 3 inch piece of hose......

It may not be as big of an ordeal as you think....if you take off the horse shoe looking clamp between the air intake hose and throttle body. (on throttle body) you can remove the throttle body with out removing the antifreeze hoses..I learned this after watching them pull the intake 4 least on mine. 1991

sorry to go on but it drove me crazy.....learned a few new 4 letter words as well.....Just take a deep breath and it will not be so bad......

Best to you
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