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Originally Posted by madagi
A couple of months ago I had just finished working the day shift. I got about 1/4 of the way home then realized I forgot my phone at work so I turned around and sped up to around 80 to get back and get home ASAP. I get to this one intersection where there's about 3 cars in front of me... the first 2 keept going straight but the guy directly in front of me turns right. There was another car making a left out onto the highway... he saw the guy in front of me turning and didn't see me I guess so he decided to make his turn right in front of me. Instead of punching it, the idiot decided to slam his breaks putting him all the way across my lane and his nose partiailly in the next lane. I didn't even think I just reacted and swerved around him into the next lane (oncoming traffic) my car was at about a 65 degree angle as I was passing him... I somehow managed to miss the guardrail by inches, missed his car by inches... and avoided all the oncoming traffic that was headed directly towards me.

Might not sound too bad but it scared the living bajesus outta me and considering it was rush hour on a heavily traveled road, I was very thankful no one was hurt.
was that in your lude?
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