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Question Fuel Problem?

i have a 1974 2002tii. Recently I have been driving it across town to and from work. This past week I would get about 10 miles down the road and suddenly it would sputter under slight acceleration. This problem was magnified when trying to go up hills, but this might have been due to acceleratoin and not going uphill. Yesterday I siphoned out the gas until I had about 2 gallons left in the tank with the help of the pump. I hooked up a line from the output side of the pump and the gas pumped out was clean and had little or no specks of dirt or rust in it. After checking that I flushed the gas lines by spraying carburetor cleaner into the line and connecting that line to an air compressor. After I blasted the carb cleaner out and checked the bucket that was collecting the mess, there was murky looking gas. The gas was dark gray and there was quite a bit of dirt in it. I havent had the chance of driving the car yet but was wondering what you guys thought might be the problem.
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