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bellingham caravan to Leavenworth drive

I donno why there isnt a thread for the leavenworth drive in here yet......anyway, if any one on ub.c is hitting up the leavenworth drive on the 23 and live in northern/western WA let me know

im thinking about heading up to bellingham on friday, partyin, then driving down to bellevue for the drive on saturday morning. would anyone be down to caravan down to the start of the drive? then, after the drive is done, ill be heading back (same caravan hopefully?) to bellingham. so i can party again saturday night with a few friends who go to WWU. then on sunday make the trip back to yakima....the total trip for me is 809 miles .

im still really debating driving all over the damn state, but i think it would be really fun at the same time. let me know what some of you westside-northerners are planning on doing as far as the drive goes...thanks!
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