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Spanked a Jag

This is from a few days ago...

I was on my way home after having picked up some food and am in the left turning lane patiently waiting for my light to turn green.
I notice some jaguar pull up behind me (I could tell it was a jag bcs of the lights).

As the light turns green, I make my turn and the jag starts to have an attitude issue and is trying to pass me (in the middle of a turn).

So I step on it a little and give my self some room to breath. And the jag comes back, so I drop it from 4th to 3rd get up to ~ 65ish and lose him, then I flash my brakes declaring I owned him and slow back down.

Next thing I know, this guy tries to do a racer fly by....

As soon as he gets to be near my rear bumper on my right I step on it a little just to play with him and let him get right next to me, then I pull on him a little and let go, I do that a few times just to show him that he can't do much.

But the guy still doesn't get it, SO at that point am Like screw it, I drop it in 3rd again, and get on it and leave him in the dust. Once I hit 80 I get back down to regular speeds and never saw him again

Am not sure what kind of jag it was, but I would guess a newer X-type


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