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killed or be killed by a vette

So im sitting at a light yesterday and im in the left lane, and the right lane is open the light turns green and at glance in my mirror there is a red vette that accelerates hardcore past me then slows..

ME being the adrenaline junkie i am instantly bites and gets next to him, he just loks over and smirks in his small penis inlarger, i downshift and pull out two cars, my exuast tone at its maximum level i see his nse lift and he passes me about 85. I giggle like a giddy school girl on the principals lap, we get to a red light and hes revs it up, i rev and knowing the only advantage i have is the 60 foot with the awd i watch the opposite light when it turns red i gun it, corvette guns it and by the time my car is in 3rd he is on my door and is still pulling, on and on.. about 115 he is a good 5 car lengths ahead of me...

All i can say is i cant wait to get my aa blower on, boost is bliss
Originally Posted by Hoppy

"No! shes too young for you. your like 10 times her age!"

its so manly.haha normaly i refer to things in the femanine, but i think my 535 is a man
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