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You both are going to lose. I know the Camaros very well next to bimmers. Before I became to love bimmers, my 1st love was Camaros.

Since you say it was an IROC-Z28, the only options are:
1980 was the last season for IROC until it was "reborn" in 1984. For the 1984 season, up until the 1989 season, IROC chose the "newly" designed Camaro Z/28 as their ride.
Soo, I'm assuming he has a 1985 IROC-Z28. If he has his Camaro tuned-port injectioned...he has torque of 275 @ 3200 rpm.
In 1986, they increased the torque to 285 @ 2800 rpm.
In 1987, they gave the IROC a torque range from 250-330.

And basically, the later years of 1980s, they are increasing the hp and torque.

I'm assuming you have the M50 engine which goes 0-100 in 8.6sec and has 189hp / 192bhp and max torque of 184ft.lbs@4200 Rpm.
But, if you hae the M20 engine, you are screwed even less. 0-100 in 9.5sec with 168hp / 170bhp and max torque of 164ft.lbs@4300 Rpm

So basically, you lose. But be safe and have fun.
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