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Your Ride: 1993 325i
What I am having a big problem with is putting a deck in my 93 325i. Everything seems right by the deck- there are different sets of wires, seems like each set would go to a speaker (now i did find all the proper deck-powering wires. When i start hooking up the speakers.....well.....nothing happens. For example, the front right speaker uses blue wires. There are two of these wires that i can hook up to the deck, but there is also a tweeter, which is hooked up by its own set of wires by the speaker. Each set i found in the door panel was blue but had different color stripe than the ones by the deck. This makes me assume that there is some kind of amp or hub that would create all these tweeter leads. If so, where would it be so i could beat the living fuck out of it for leaving me without music all weekend long?

PS- actually i would just prolly make the damn thing work properly
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