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A word of advice.

So i was changing my oil on the 330 today..50$ in oil and filter...jesus.

anyways i was under the car, changing it in the drive way. Had a towel to catch any small oil splatters that may happen. so i take out the plug, and here comes the oil. Pan is underneath like it is supposed to be. BUT..the fucking drain plug falls in the drain pan..plugging the drain hole.

the oil pans resovoir(on the top) fills quickly..because no oil is going into the pan. At this point im freaking out..oil is almost spilling. I try to put my hand in the pan to pull the plug...its to hot. I burn my hands. Yell fuck and tip the pan over.

At this point im going ape shit..there is oil everywhere. the pan is plugged and my hand is throbing.

eventually i get the plug out of the hole..but at this point all 7 liters of oil are on my drive way...slowly sliding down the driveway to the street and plants.

i tried using towels..didnt do much. Basically my driveway has a huge spill of oil...stained it. I have to go buy some oil clean up stuff now. (FYi driveway is porous)

ahh...i love it.
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