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You guys also have to remember oil companies are not "non-profit" organizations. They're like any other comodity and they take advantage of what the public is willing to pay. (similar to gold, diamonds, video games, TVs, etc) Until the public wises up and starts making demands on other resources, they'll continue on their merry ways. Right now the public has no problem spending mega-bucks on cell phones, "air music" (mp3s, I-tunes), pay per listen radio stations (XM), bottled water - they'll continue selling gas to us at inflated prices. People used to bitch about a $300 tv - now look what they spend or cars for that matter, you get more plastic vs steel for 5x the cost of an old muscle car. For all you economists out there explain this: why do new homes increase in value when a new car loses value the minute it rolls of the lot? I'm curious to hear thoughts on this...
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