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Red face Old kill story but saw the person again...

OK, this is an old kill story dating in end of September early November. Back then I still had my mustang

Yes that decal does read Rooz

But anyways, I was driving down this road with my mustang in a late afternoon and all a sudden i see this crappy kind ricey looking civic hatch Si (03ish models maybe) coming by me trying to show. The car looked familar bcs I had seen it at previous light but didn't really pay no mind to it. So we get to the light and the guy is one car behind me to my right, and I had my system going and he was trying to talk to me, I kinda ignored him (kid was weird looking - probably high). So light turns green and we get to light this time our cars are side to side. So, I am still trying to mind my own business, light turns green and the guy launches his car, I heard him rev it up, so I looked around (no cops in sight) and I floor it (by the time I floor it the guy is like half a car's length ahead of me, I easily catch up up to him in a matter of seconds and pass him by . get like 2 car's length and we get to next light. I turn my system down and the guy is all like "man F you... I wasn't even ready" ( in my head I was like.. wait a second he launched his car...). So I kinda ignored him and told him to F off. And then this light turns green and the guy does the same routine.. he launches his car again, this time I was ready for it, as soon as he revved it up, I launched mine, so, this time he doesn't even pass me.. I get a good 1-2 car's length then am like F-this, I already proved my ownage am just wasting gas... so I let him pass by. We get to a new light (their is about 10 lights in a row in this street coming back from downtown). And the guy is all like "ahah man I got you" " This time I replied... Listen "GUY" I would easily smoke you without even trying, so save your self some gas and go race some hunday or something..." Yes, that kinda pissed him off, and light turns green again and he launches his car AGAIN, this time I pay him no mind and just drive regularly... he gets to light before it turns orange and gets ahead a light... then my light turns green and I see some flashing lights ahead... the moron was pulled over by a cop

But I told a few of my friends from school and described the car and the kid to them, 2 of them said they kidna knew of that kid and aparently he's one of those "my parents buy me everything kinda kids" I had heard that he went to a part one day and drove home drunk and ended up hitting a tree in a median which busted his fron t end along with his radiator and stuff, and a few days later his mom took it to a shop and paid for the all thing to be fixed just like that.

But reason why am posting this is because I saw that kid again today, and am pretty sure he recognized me because he looked kinda confuzed when I passed by him, lol but this time he ddin't even try to race


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