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Originally Posted by dinan540

How much did the machine shop charge you to port and polish the block and head?

How did you make the custom manifold? What materials did you use and any sources, books, pictures, etc? Are the headers all of same length?
All the machine work,
install cams----------------------------------donated
Cylinder bore x 6 --------------------------$168
Crank polish--------------------------------$63
3 angle Valve grind------------------------$431
Valve guides R&R--------------------------$156
Clean block---------------------------------$81
Crankshaft balancing---------------------$290
Assemble short block (basic)------------$366
Resurface block to 16rl-------------------$102
Main bearing set---------------------------$209
Rod bearing set----------------------------$89
Cam chain tensioner----------------------$141
Resurface cylinder head to ~16rl-------$60
timing chains-------------------------------$170
port and polish head---------------------$ donated

As for the manifold, i ordered all my parts from (aka jon Volk) he is a legent, if you will, on manifold designs and fabrication. 1 of the best for sure. It is made from t304 stainless steel , the flanges are 1/2 thick stainless steel waterjet cut.
It is not equal length though. it utilizes as short as possible individual runners to keep heat loss at a minimum, which helps spool. equal length is not necessary unless it is a full blown drag car. Egual length usually yeilds a later/slower spool while giving more top end hp and flow capabilities. A simple "log style" as in the spa manifold is a great design due to its short runners and thick cast iron construction( keeps heat in) and has been proven to work well for up to around 650whp . The "log" or "tubular" (what mine is) Is better for street applications because of its faster spooling and easy construction. tubulars flow more and can produce higher hp. cast logs will last longer than tubulars. I will also be ceramic coating it inside and out . to keep the heat inside.
Basically, nice easy sweeping bends and short runners will work the best.

I'll gather up some more info i have and pm it too you.

Originally Posted by nick_318is
Very Cool project, the only thing I would change are your Dash Dials and move the A Pilar Gaugues into one of the pods that goes in the ash tray.
why is that (currious) oil pres. and temp on the A pilar, with the Boost controller, Wideband 02 and water temp by the ashtray works best for me.
My tuner sits in the passenger seat, he only needs to play with the boost controller and Air/fuel guage. hence why they are mounted closest to him.

Originally Posted by 2002guy
lookin good...cant wait to see more... and nice choice of pictures on your wall
haha , thanks

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