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Originally Posted by c1apton
"killer"project/pics. btw- great DIY (someone actually doing it the correct way not bolting kit onto a tired motor)
thanks for your kind words. Everything is new on this engine. ALL seals, bearings, bolts, chains, tensioners, gaskets, o-rings, starter, etc , etc. I didnt want any problems.

Originally Posted by RSF5
Ooooo good looking. That shouldn't be *too* costly of a project considering how much work your doing yourself. And specific problems or pluses you want to share about the manifold? I'm really interested in that.

edit: Sweet dog. What kind is it?
I saved alot by doing the disassembly and assembly myself. aswell as the builiding of the manifold myself. but it has still been quite pricey.
The advantages of building you own custom manifold is that you get the turbo to sit exactly where YOU want it. For my application (s50 in an e30) my opotions were very limited in the availability of a manifold. I contacted many people in the custom turbo biz and no one had a manifold for this application. So basically i had no choice.
There are advantages and disadvantages to a bottom mount versus a top mount turbo but. they are minimal.
Top mount-
advantages- easy filter changes, easy servicing, no oil drain issues.
disadvantages- needs a custom manifold($$$$), ads more bends to the IC piping and usually two extra 90's in the exhuast down pipe (self explanitory), places weight up high,
bottom mount-
advantages- out of the way, keep weight down low, relatively straight exhuast, easy IC piping.
disadvantages - possibly oildrain issues, difficult filter changing, difficult servicing.

BTW my dog is a Boxer

Originally Posted by dinan540
How much of the work did you do yourself? Did you send it to machine shop for the port and polish?

What a awesome project. Congrats on the almost completion of the project.
I did all the teardown myself, then i took the block and head seperatly to the machine shop. where they did all the porting,polishing, boring , balencing , etc.

Originally Posted by scrichy84
Sweet Pics. It looks like you had the patients to do it right and make it look good!!
thanks, thats what its all about.
Do it right the first time. right?

I kinda went a little far though i think. While the engine was at the machine shop i had a couple weeks to tinker in the garage so I polished all the covers to a mirror finish and all the bolt heads ( i know i know.....too far )so everything is shiny and new. Plus i bead blasted the valve cover and re-sprayed it black. mabey a bit excesive but whatever. i had time
I couldnt put dirty parts back on this new engine. I just couldnt.

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