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Your Ride: E30/S50 GT35R+ E30M3
UUC stage 2 STEEL flywheel w/M5 ultrasmooth cerametalic clutch,
UUC tranny bushings(red), and UUC tranny enforcer cups, Eagle rods, VPD oil cooler cap, Guage pod

guage pod mounted with oil temp and oil press guages

PWR 57mm aluminum rad, manifold parts, genuine Hamann HM2's

block back from the machine shop. hot tanked, media blasted, bored to 87mm, decked,balenced etc. ready for p[aint;

finished painted, pistons installed.

head back from machine shop, AEM tru-boost and replica tial wastegatein the background.

view of the bottom with eagle rods and balenced rotating assembly:

partly assembled. eagerly awaiting install:

copper sealing sprayed gasket

head installed and all assembled readey to drop in to begin manifold mock-up:

SELF MADE manifold almost done(ran out of pipe) not bad for the first one ive ever made eh?

thats all for now.
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