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Your Ride: E30/S50 GT35R+ E30M3
My E30/S50 Turbo build

I acvtually started 2 months or so ago. but heres the details:
COMPLETE!! rebuild with:
-CP 8.5:1 forged pistons
-Eagle H-beam Rods
-ARP head studs
-MLS.70" head gasket
-ALL! new gaskets, seals, bearings, chains,rails, tensioners,etc,etc
-New VAC oilpump upgrade
-Gt35r turbo
-UUC stgeel flywheel with M5 ultra smooth cerametalic clutch
-Full 3 angle valve job
-new valves
-port and poilish head
ARGGHH>>>>>>>> way to much to keep listing. i'll post a spread sheet at the end of alll the mods
VFE supercharger removed and ready to remove from chassis

engine out

intercooler almost mounted:

intercooler mounted and engine bay empty

disassembly continues:

and continues some more:

Head is off and inspecion looks good. all is well.

piston #5 was a little ruff, we'll fix that

block completely stripped and off to the machine shop

old pistons , rods, etc.

crank and olod spark plugs:

The secret to the power- GT35R .82A/R:

VAC MLS .70" head gasket and ARP head studs:

CP pistons. 8.5:1 CR

polished parts;
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