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Believe it or not, this has still been going on and on. I came home last night and my aunt had the kitchen in a huge mess. Rotten cutoffs of vegetables on the counter, grease all over the knobs on the stove, and water all over the floor.

I asked her to clean it up so I could cook in there, and she went ballistic, out of the blue. She got out of line, spiteful and violent, got up in my face. That's wehn I smelled the booze- FUCKING BITCH WAS DRUNK. So I turned away to de-escalate things, AND SHE PUNCHED ME IN THE BACK OF THE NECK. Oooooh man, lemme tell you that was ballsy, because she could have died right where she stood. But instead, I left the house, went to Chilli's to eat and cool down.

Hadn't decided yet what to do this morning when I got up, but I see I don't have to anymore . . . I found her with her friends, all helping to pack her shit. I said "this is the best decision you've ever made, but it wasn't gonna be hard for me to make it for you. Don't let the fucking door hit you on the way out!"

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