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ah, it's not the regular folks who contribute or ask the questions, it's the guys who've been members for a long time but have like 8-12 posts and there all just "help me posts" some don't even reply w/ a thank you or did that answer your problem reply... Then there are some that are PURE Lazy - 95% of this forum is good folks and and contribute pics, laughs, situations, experiences, etc - then there's that 5% "help me my headlamp is out what's wrong???" I don't want to be rude, but c'mon please at least make an effort - this is one of the similar reasons dealerships "cop an attitude" - some people want a free diagnosis, then pay the ignorant grunt down the street to install it after they buy an inferior part off ebay. And they wonder why they end up having it done twice or it leads them down some twisted adventure of problems.
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