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With the amount of basic info posted here in UB, there's an abundance of info available - but some folks INSIST on asking dumb questions or don't use the search feature, they're just to lazy to look. Well introducing today I'm going to start a "Bonehead Award" - sorry but it's got to be done. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem helping folks out but when someone gets "hypo-CAR-diac" or says he can't find it and the majority of us know it's here - the bonehead award is coming - no warning just "BLAM" - considerations will be given to newbies but some folks only drop in to ask us when their laziness over-rules their sense of using google and our own search features. I'm just posting this to notify members who've been extremely tolerent.
I have only 1 prejudice - I HATE STUPID LAZY PEOPLE!!!
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