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i posted my issue when i was at work, after work i decided to drive the car with no stereo on, just trying to listen for the noise.when driving at lower speeds (10-15mph) the noise is not that recognizable, but once i accelerate, above 25mph and on the noise increases, like i said it's that sound like 2 metal parts are rubbing each other, hissing, rusty like metal sound coming from the back, i can almost be sure its coming from the rear wheels but not certain. i don't know if it helps but my break signal on the check menu by the sunroof lights on and off once in a while.

the rear breaks were replaced last spring. would it be possible that i need to add more fluid in the differential, what is the specification amount for the differential?

yes the rear and front shocks were replaced with bilsteins, 2-3 yrs ago.

what is the parking break to do w/ it and how do a person go about checking it?

i also read that the fuel pump starts to make noise indicating the end of its life. when i stat the car, and in park i hear a winding sound form the back, i mean what parts are moving i the rear when the car is is in park, the differential/ drive shaft?

once again the noise is constant when the car is moving, once i stop and the noise stops.

i apologies for my limited mechanical knowledge but i am trying to do my best.

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