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i just changed the differential oil over the weekend, redline stuff as per forum searches, i wasnt sure how much to add, so i just added up until it started to drip from the fill hole.

the noise starts as soon as the wheels start moving, so i assume its not the differential, is it possibl either break pads are touching the disk/rotor or cv boot needs grease.

i read the rear wheel bearings for DIY are a pain to do. how much would a shop charge to do them, i am in aizona, any of you know shops here to recommend.

this car has been running ok for the most part, also i notice lately when i press the gas pedal power is not that strong, i did a basic tune up, changed air filter, distributor cap, only the spark plugs have not been changed (thinking of doing those this weekend, w NGK copper ones.) any input on this issue?

thank you guys!
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