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rear noise, E30,

Hello everyone,

I have a 91 325i, automatic, it was passed on to me after my dad wrecked my vw as a temp car until i find something else, but i have learned to appreciate it, and it has served me well so far as a daily driver, it has 199,000 miles, unbelievable!!

in the past 2-3 weeks i noticed a noise coming from the rear when i drive the car, the noise increases as i speed up and it can be a earache if i dont blast my stereo just to avoid hearing the pain. as far as i know only the rear shocks have been replaced, with Bilstein's. i don't know what to look for, it sounds like rusty kind of metal rubbing on something, if u know what i mean, kind of hissing sound.

would it be the rear rotors, bearings, breaks.

any advise, input is greatly appreciated
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