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Alrighty... The site is set, and I have FTP info for it!! I'm waiting to hear back as to how many users can be logged in under one name still... so until then I can either post a generic login, OR everyone who wants on can have an individual login (please, I'm relying on everyone's honor for this... the only FTP accessability is full rights to the directory logged into - so don't delete anything. If it becomes a problem it will be mandatory to have individual logins, and they'll only be given out to those who are well known on the board.) I'll have backups of everything accessable to the 'public' on the server so if anything seems to be missing let me know and I'll copy it back (I'll also check up on it regularly... but sometimes work gets in the way as usual =oP )

login: ubcom
password: bimmer

The only thing on there right now is the disk information... when I get home I'll start uploading the images themselves so tomorrow morning/afternoon (as soon as it's done) everything will be ready. If you see something on there check it's size (will be listed in the .txt file) to be sure it's finished uploading.

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