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Originally Posted by drz
Just for trivia:

I read in an article in teh newspaper yesterday that a group of researchers opened up a 60 GB PS3 and estimate the production cost at $840 per console.

just like xbox and ps2 and xbox 360... ZERO profit margin on the console... close to 60% profit on the games and accessories...

and fyi.. maybe 840 per console but they have no idea how many and how big of discounts sony gets for contracts for hardware purchases years into the future.

Originally Posted by Snowkone
Oh and to correct someone... Sony isn't make JACK off the system...
$600 for a state-of-the-art video game system and a Blu-Ray DVD player is ridiculous. The Blu-Ray players alone are selling for almost $1000 each. Sony plans on making it up through software sales assuming they can be dominant in this generation of video games. I'm glad I just reserved mine early, and said "F*CK the lines!"


Originally Posted by c1apton
I heard through CNN that Sony only made 400,000 for US sales. And from what we're seeing on TV it's been a real fiasco. Almost looked like the L.A. riots over a gaming system...

it was 400,000 units for the release date alone.

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