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Originally Posted by TerryY
There have been over 20,000 listed on Ebay both times that I looked this morning.

60 MB units seem to be in the $1400 range now. They were in the $1200 range a hour or 2 ago.

Wait a couple of weeks till they get rarer for the big bucks or will supply catch up by then?

BTW I bought a PS2 when they were relatively new and ended up giving it away. I'm just not a gamer but I am entertained by the antics of others.
I just found these ones via gamespot:

PS3 : 15,000
PS3 : 15,099.00

who in their right mind would spend $15,000 on a console they should take that money and spend it on a nice BMW instead or on a physicatrist which ever helps them get a life faster.

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