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mike h

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Hi thanks for your reply, would that be a standard fitment, the car has been very well looked after, mostly full BM service history, I dont think the previous owner would have put on a non standard item, I'm going to have a good look though. Is it possible that fitting the cd player has done something do you think, is there any wireing that may have been disturbed situated behind cd player slot (2 red lights are right above it and to the right & I saw the electritictian had pulled 1 of them out of its housing.
Can you even tell me if this model would have an immobilser 1991 318 cabrilet uk registered. Any suggestions would be warmly recieved, as I dont want to be completely in the dark when this bloke comes back.
Apart from this little incident, car has lovely "classic" feeling to it, nice & solid, well made, kind of rolls along. Hope I dont upset anybody by saying, but reminds me a little bit of the Volvo 240 I had once.

Cheers Mike
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