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Hahaha, I sent it to my (blonde) girlfirend and this is the conversation... she's so blonde...

Trebor413: click that joke
AnathemanSchism: where is it
Trebor413: follow the link
AnathemanSchism: can't find it
Trebor413: hahaha
AnathemanSchism: No?
AnathemanSchism: Help!
Trebor413: what?
Trebor413: well just click the link I sent you
AnathemanSchism: I did
AnathemanSchism: Then I clicked the second one and it takes me to a page of comments
Trebor413: no there should be a link there
Trebor413: follow that link
AnathemanSchism: this is where I am..
Trebor413: follow that link
Trebor413: the one that says How about this blonde joke then
Trebor413: okay
Trebor413: nvrmnd
Trebor413: the joke is that the links go in a circle
AnathemanSchism: omg...
AnathemanSchism: I hate you

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