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Ok, I was on my bike running a few errands. My bike is a 1987 Honda CBR600 F1 know...the usual run of the mill ugly old-school 80s crotch rocket.

Well, I get to a red light and next to me is an old VW Bug (60s maybe?) with nice looking red paint, chrome wheels, and looked real low. I’m not really a fan of these cars but for an old bug, its looked pretty nice. He had a roll cage and from what I could see, looked like it had a stripped interior.

The light turns green and we both take off. I took off normal. He sped up and paced my acceleration for a few seconds (which got my attention) and accelerated a little more enough that I could see the back of his car and... HOLY CRAP: THE BACK TIRES! Them tires were some serious meats….295s-305s…easily. They were pretty much sticking out of the side of the car and I think they were making the rear of the car sit a little high. That and it had the meanest exhaust note I have ever heard come out of a bug. Sounded like a bad-ass STi.

Once again, we hit a red light but we are still in front of the traffic and now on a large open 4 lane road. By now, I am very much interested in this car and what it can do. I inch forward a little bit and he does the same and gives a little rev. The light turns green and I take off kind of aggressively. Once again, he stays next to me. At about 20ish mph in 2nd I just said f-it. I tucked in and punched it. He followed suit BUT DIDN’T FALL BACK! I red-line 2nd and go into third gear and NO LIE-NO JOKE, HE’S GAINING ON ME!!!!!!!! I red-line third then shift to 4th and HE IS PULLING PAST ME! When I heard him shift I heard a BOV. It was definitely turbo. I let off about ½ way through 4th gear.

He pulled about 1-1.5 car lengths on me AND I GOT THE JUMP in the beginning.

We both went our separate ways. I think he gave me a friendly wave but I was too busy looking at his car shocked to really respond. I think I made some pathetic attempt to raise my hand slightly to give him the thumbs up but I don’t think I made any noticeable gesture. I probably just looked like a retard…whatever.

Now I know compared to modern 600cc sportbikes my bike isn’t fast. But it is by no means slow. Just to give you an idea: Curb weight of 450lbs and 84 hp stock. Do the math…that’s just over 5 pounds per hp. Now ad in the fact that I have a Vance and Hines pipe and jet kit and just got a complete tune up. Compare that to lets say a C5 Corvette Z06 which is around 7-8 pounds per hp. Also, I didn’t mess up any of the shifts when I raced the bug.

I am assuming he had some type of engine swap. I have seen them at shows before. It sounded like a Subaru and it was turbo so maybe a WRX or STI Motor? Who knows... All I know is that I lost to a crazy old Volkswagen Beetle.

Anyway, I thought that was pretty interesting so I figured I would share it.

Any thoughts?
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